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Cost of education in India is rising so rapidly.

This is one of the biggest reason that students are not able to study in a good University due to the high fee structure.

There are many benefits to having education free for all students of India for higher studies.

Why Education Should Be Free

Are you thinking that whats are benefits of having education free for all students?


So let’s talk about this topic in this blog post.

Here we will discuss a total of 5 reasons which will make you confident that why education should be free at any cost in India.

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Why Education Should Be Free ( Full Audio )

1. Improves Lifestyle Of Society


If Education improves then the lifestyle of any society will also improve.

They start enhancing their capability for problem-solving

Their health also improves which will really affect the Indian economic section to grow to the next level.

More people will join the workforce, which could help lessen the wealth gap between the upper, middle, and lower class.

2. Widened Workforce of India

education in india

More educated people will join the workforce of India to help the nation in different aspects.

Today the world really required more skilled labour to proceed for the future.

So education will help India to have a better workforce

3. A Boosted Economy

Why Education Should Be Free

Most students graduate with a massive amount of debt.

Due to costly education, students in India opt for a loan for their study.

And will start paying this debt for many years after they start doing the job.

This will delay their spending to buy things for their good lifestyles like a home or anything they require due to this heavy debt of education.

That’s why this is one of the main reason for making us confident Why Education Should Be Free in India.

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4. Increase Equality

free education

We all know that equality is one of the biggest problems in our society.

And that’s why rich can study in a good college rather than poor talent guy.

So to normalise this inequality in India we should make Indian education free of cost so that student can get college according to their talent, not by the amount of money.

5. More Focus

Why Education Should Be Free

If any poor student will not have to deal will cost of education then he/she will be more focus toward their studies and make their parents and nation proud.


There are many countries in the world which are providing free education like Germany, Austria, Finland, France, Spain and many more on list.

So this will be a revolutionary step if Indian government start providing free education for their student.

There may be many glitches with this plan but governments should think over it.

This will really affect each and every in student society and economy of the country.

Thank you very much for reading this blog.

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