Why digital world is dominating human being’s real world?

Look around you once, you will find a world which is completely tilted toward digital world. Most interesting thing is that people around us are not even aware about this.

What is making them to indulge themselves so much in this virtual world?
There are many factors which can cause this result –

  1. Promotion of different platforms
  2. Accessibility of platform from internet
  3. Availability of known users on platform
  4. Features which engage

Promotion of Different Social Platform

Promotion of things are getting a part in our life and people around are happily adapting these changes and responding also by using online product or services very frequently and effortlessly.

If you open Facebook then you will see that there is one ad after each new feed post these means that you are seeing feed ads after each 2 feed posts and this ratio is really very high for any social media.

This clearly states that something is not good for human’s real world and people are getting lots of data in their limited mind from these sources and making their practical world more complex and tough to live.

Let assume that, you are using social media and getting ads after ads and thinking that you will not receive anything in your mind without your permission then you are absolutely wrong and this is already known by these marketing experts from these big firms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

They know that if they will place their ads in your feed a number of times then they will surely get some responses from your end it may be in that you will visit their website, may be you call them, may be you like, comment or share that post to your audience and that’s it what those expert marketers want from you and you done things easily for them.

What you are thinking that am I saying wrong?

Just think twice what I wrote above then argue with me. Those companies are making their marketing goals according to this mindset only to reach more and more people without thinking about human’s real life, they just want to make profit more and more.

One more facts which makes above sentence bullet proof that all big companies of social media is curated from western countries and if you will go with the history of these country then you will definitely find that these country focuses more on money rather than focusing on human life and human culture.

I am not saying that they do not focuses on living standard and culture but they put their less efforts on these thing than earning more money and I want to make it clear that only earning more and more money can buy things for you but not buy culture and tradition around you.

That’s why these companies market their products only to earn profit not to make human life better, but they always claim that they are making life easy and they did also but can you imagine that by doing these efforts what is bad consequences are growing around you and trust me these big organization knows all consequences and making it clear that people should not know about it because it can degrade their brand value over the time in the eye of their

Accessibility of Platform From Internet

Smart phone’s companies, social media firms, e-commerce websites, telecom firms they all are co-related with each other because their business grows with the corporation of each other only.

Let’s give you an example of this co-relation –

Assume, you are seeing an ad of smart phone in your social media app frame and you visit their website and buy using your airtel telecom SIM.

Above line is a simple process which covers all type of firms to achieve your task without even your awareness and done this task very easily.

Isn’t it?

Let’s assume that if you are not using social media then how you will see ads and that’s it circle break and no company will get a benefit from you.

Marketers are inter related with these strategy and make their effort so easily and also assure that this is easily available by users by free form.

Availability of Known Users on Platform

Marketers of these companies try to create platform where they can generate a custom user base which are familiar which each other and in some cases they knew each other also.
If we talked about physically then we love to go places where we find that our loved once are going for hangout. So if your surroundings are using any social media app then this will have more probability that you will also use that’s why marketers only targeted look alike audiences which are similar to the audiences they want.

That’s why you see a change in pattern in buying something from online ecommerce or in online browsing pattern while you travel from one place to other.

Features Which Engage

Developers of applications which you browse in your virtual world it may be social media, e-commerce or any other knew that how they have to design their product which help their brand and organization to make more profit.

For example, let’s talk about Instagram, after ban of tik tok, they launch reel feature in India and got a lot of boost in downloads of product in India. This clearly states that people/users loves things which are very engaging but I will say that those things/features are somewhere type of addiction.

Developer also know that which things are like addiction for their user and they develop that thing and this make more use of their application/product result more profit for their organization.

I think you got an idea that how these big firm are easily manipulating your thoughts and your living standards. I just want to ask that “Is this ethical to ruin human’s real world to make virtual world better?”

According to me it’s not!

What you think?

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