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Appearing in a search engine is vital for your business growth, but there are two ways for doing search engine optimization. One is Right ways which we called white hat SEO  techniques and another one is the wrong way which we called black hat SEO.

So here in this blog, you know about what is black hat SEO and who performs this type of technique, and if this technique still works, then how.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is training against web index rules, frequently it is utilized to get moment support in website positioning higher in list items. Dark cap SEO tries to game internet searcher calculation, as opposed to settling for the clients.

Who Perform Black Hat SEO?

There are many peoples who use search engines for illegal activities. So there are some restrictions for them on the search engine.

These types of peoples use black hat SEO to rank fast in search engine without any involvement of Google algorithm. Because after some times the crawlers crawl their website and ban their website because of illegal activities.

What is Difference Between White Hat And Black Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is an ethical way of doing SEO by creating quality content and a good user experience. Where black hat SEO goes against guidelines set by search engine and manipulate them to rank higher in search engine.

Does Black Hat SEO Still Work?

Black hat SEO still works, and incredibly well and making a lot peoples money.

Drawback is that it goes against all ethical guidelines, and it can damage business reputation.

What Is Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Dark Hat SEO is most ordinarily characterized as an objected practice that all things considered could expand a page’s positioning in a web index result page. These are practice against search engine terms of services.

Black Hat SEO Techniques:

1. Paid Linking

Paid external link establishment is the point at which a site pays an outsider space for a followed backlink that focuses back to their area.

While third party referencing is a centre fundamental of SEO, paying for joins is carefully prohibited via web crawlers and can bring about cruel punishments.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a technique to rank the page incorrectly on search engine and bring it into the first page of Google. It repeat in middle of content of the page with alarm. To rank top in search engine results. In this way traffic of site will increase but for a while.

3. Cloaking

Clocking is a search engine optimization black hat technique in which the content and information are shown to the user different from those shown by search engine crawlers. Now to understood that clocking is illegal to practice and consider as Black hat SEO.

4. Sneaky Redirects

Sneaky Redirects is an Act in which sending visitors to different URL than one the intensely click. In this scenario user is organic and the advertiser should not have paid any affiliate for this click.

5. Poor Quality Content

Providing poor quality content to the users is also one of the techniques of black hat SEO. Copying content from different sites is undetectable for search engine, which made it bit ranking in the top for some times.

But now Google and some search engine have an algorithm which not only detects duplicate content and also down the rank of sites for poor quality content and duplication.

6. Spam Blog Comment

Have you ever notice that your website was getting so many comments on it, basically they are spam blog comment. These spam comments are intended to create backlink.

These links are 100% no follow and transfer no link juice, which makes them a waste of time. It not always did manually there are many tools which automatically spam comment across web.

7. Link Farming

Link farming is spam tactics used in order to manipulate the search engines. It is an activity taken by group of websites.

These groups of websites hyperlink to each other in the hope of improving their search engine ranking. A link farm is also called a private blog network and link network etc.

8. Private Blog Network (PBN)

A private blog network can be either one site or a group of websites that can be used to rank your sites higher in search results.

Domain used for these techniques are sites that were previously real business or blog before, but now they are no longer to use.

They are also similar to link farm in that they both aim to exeggersate the number of links pointing to a website.

Things To Remember While Doing SEO

Before you start doing SEO of your website, make sure not only doing SEO of keyword ranking but targeted leads. Try to make quality content and search keyword which is relevant to your content.

1. Content-relevant keywords

Content relevant keyword refers to how relevant the information on page relates to search query. Always remember that Google is looking every intent of search query and provides the results that will match their intent.

2. Quality content

Quality content is anything that Google decides worth sharing. It is the content that peoples want to see because it gives the real answer to real questions. So always use unique and relevant content.


Always do SEO according to correct Google guideline for ranking in long term otherwise you will be penalized and it may happen that you will lose your online assets for further processing.

If you have any doubt related to this topic then feel free to ask in comment section, we will surely answer you.

Thank You For Reading This Blog, meet you in next till then bye.

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