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Motivation is an intramural process that makes a person move ahead in life. In this current situation feeling motivated is slightly challenging. But we must stay motivated whenever we are trying to accomplish anything. As human beings, it is not difficult to feel motivated as we are encompassed by many such examples who have set milestones in their life.  However, in our current situation, we may go through a lot of stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness. But, if you want to change their lives and stay positive irrespective of the situation can follow some guidelines provided by us in our article with Self Improvement Books In Hindi.

In this current situation, we do get a lot of spare time as an outing, and visiting any public place is difficult. So, to keep ourselves self-motivated, optimistic, engaged, and energetic, we bring you the top 10 self-improvement books in Hindi that are written by well-known authors. With these books, you are not only going pass your time but you will stay motivated throughout this arduous period. So, let’s get started.

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1. रहस्य / (The Secret) By Rhonda Byrne

On number one of our lists, we have The Self Improvement Books In Hindi written by the popular author Rhonda Byrne.  The name of the book sounds like the book is holding up too many secrets of life. But luckily these secrets come in favour of us once you start reading it. This book is a self-improvement book that motivates the reader about the Universal theory to achieve success. It is sold worldwide over 19 million copies.

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2. जीत आपकी / (You Can Win) By Shiv Khera

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

In the second position of our list, we introduce you to another well-known author Shiv Khera who wrote the book You Can Win. The title of the book itself makes you feel motivated and optimistic to read. You Can Win guides you step by step towards achieving new goals, develop a present-day sense of purpose, and generates new vision towards your bright future. This book will boost your confidence by mastering your positive thinking.

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3. अति प्रभावकारी लोगों की 7 आदते / (The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey)

Next, we bring you to the 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Convey. This Self Improvement Books In Hindi has a track record of changing millions of lives, across all age groups for about 25 years and more. This book focuses on timeless principles of integrity, honesty, dignity, and fairness. It helps you to navigate yourself during challenging times of your life. Apart from personality development, this book will guide you on your journey through the world of business.

4. अग्नि की उडान / ( Wings of Fire ) by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

This book is one of the greatest gifts to mankind by the ex-president of India Dr. Abdul Kalam. The Wing of Fire is an autobiography of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This is a book that inspires every generation to do the impossible. It describes the humble beginning and takes you through the achievement of Dr.Kalam from becoming a scientist to the president of India. The book is full of insights, personal life occasions, and life struggles.

5. सन्यासी जिसने अपनी संपत्ति बेच दी /(The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari) by Robin Sharma

Next, we introduce you to a renowned inspiration fictional Self Improvement Books In Hindi, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by a popular author Robin Sharma. This book explains the story that offers the readers a simple yet intelligent way to live a constructive life. The book advocates about how to live joyfully, think deep and rightly, value the time, and relationships in a disciplined manner. This book informs you of the benefits of following your heart and not falling for materialistic things.

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6. लोक व्यवहार / (How to Win Friends and Influence People) By Dale Carnegie

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

This book comes from the best selling author Dale Carnegie and its copies have sold over 15 million worldwide. This book involves the innovative techniques that help handle people. This book also describes and focuses on how to live a happy life. This life-changing book provides brilliant and motivational guidelines on building your skills to overcome the difficulties we face in day to day life. In 1936 this book was known as the best seller until now.

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

7. बड़ी सोच का बड़ा जादू / (The Magic of Thinking Big) By  David J. Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz will guide you step by step to lead a positive life and cut back from all the negative thinking.  It defeats all the disbeliefs we are surrounded by that create a negative impact on our minds. This book shows us the benefit of positive thinking and how it impacts us living a fruitful life. It enhances our creativity leading us to live a better life.

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8. रिच डैड, पुअर डैड / ( Rich Dad, Poor Dad ) By Robert Kiyosaki

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

This book is an autobiography of Robert Kiyosaki who explains his dual life living with his rich dad and poor dad. In this book, he explains how both men have impacted his life who tends to shape his thoughts about money and investments.  This book is about his experience regarding the need to earn a high income to be rich and explains the difference between working for money and having your money work for you.

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9. शक्तिमान वर्तमान / (The Power of Now) By Eckhart Tolle

Next, we have an interesting Self Improvement Books In Hindi about the power of now by Eckhart Tolle. This book will inspire you to get successful with a spiritual journey described by the author. While reading the book you will achieve the secrets of personal growth with the help of spirituality. This book’s popularity has reached the heart of over 2 million people and the book is translated over 30 foreign languages to make it convenient for readers worldwide. The book describes how to live pain-free in present life.

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

10. सोचिये और अमीर बनिए /( Think and Grow Rich ) By  Napoleon Hill

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

Last but not least we have included Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This book will guide you towards self-improvement not just by becoming rich and wealthy but it also mentions the techniques on how to improve and succeed oneself in their respective field. This will answer the questions we ask ourselves is what made some people so successful. The author wrote the book based on interviewing some wealthy and successful people of his time and have answered them in the book.

Self Improvement Books In Hindi

Final Thought:

We all know the power of positivity over negativity. We are hoping our top 10 Self Improvement Books In Hindi will step by step guide to bring out the positivity in you and also make you a productive and better human being.

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