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want to know how to do Local SEO for a multi-location business?


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Multi-Location Local SEO For Businesses

What is Multi-Location SEO?

One question comes in our mind that what is multi-location SEO of any website?


So I just want to make it clear that if your business has more than one branch in a different city, state or country then for the same website you have to operate the different business.

Then in this scene question arises how our website can rank in different keyword of different places?

How many keywords we will put in our content?

How to configure our metas of our website main page which have to rank on the google search engine?

After this technique, you will get every answer to the above questions.

Build Out Pages For Each Location

One of the biggest problems of most of the marketer is that they are trying to rank one single page different places.

This is really not right in any sense!

How one single page can rank in a different location?

Let, suppose that your page ranked but now tell me how this will provide relative information to the different respective places.

So you have to build different pages for different branches of your business and then perform local search engine optimisation in the different made page according to respective cities.

Optimize Each Location Page For Multi-Location Local SEO

As above states that when you made different pages for different branches of your then simply perform normal SEO tasks on the respective page according to respective cities.

Optimize the Content for Each Location

Do keyword research according to different cities.

Choose different targeted keywords to put on the content of respective pages.

Then optimise the content of the website with the targeted keyword.

Keep in your mind one simple thing.

Always take care of Keyword Density and Keyword Proximity in the content of the page.

Keyword Density Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword appears on a given webpage or within a piece of content

Keyword ProximityKeyword Proximity refers to the distance between two words or phrases, or how close keywords are to each other within a body of text.

Must Remember While Doing SEO

Create A Google My Business Profile for Each Location For Multi-Location Local SEO

How your customer finds your business in different cities with one google my business?


No Right?

So you have to make google my business for each and every branch of your business.

And make sure that those google my business are completely and fully optimise with keywords and details.

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Build Local Business Listings For Each Location

Always submit your branch respective pages to their respective business listing of cities.

This will make a green single to Google algorithm to rank your website higher on the web.

Get Reviews for Each Location

One most important thing related to local SEO related to google my business!

You should try to obtain google my business listing reviews from the people living in respective places of your business branch.

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In conclusion, I just want to say that just follow above most promising steps for ranking your website on the first page for all your branches and for all your targeted keyword according to cities.

Thank you very much for reading this blog.

Meet you in the next blog till then goodbye.

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