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Insta Story Ideas For BusinessAs we all knew that insta story is one of the very effective and engaging features to deliver your message to your customers.

So we have to properly plan to post on the insta story and in parallel every other story also.

Some people wonder what they have to post on insta story for their business to drive and convert more customers from instagram.

Today in this blog we are going to list some of the key ideas which you can use for your business to make insta stories.

Lets list down in short that what we are going to tell you in further insta ideas – 

  1. About Your Business
  2. About Your Team
  3. Behind the scene images and videos
  4. Tell about your services
  5. Conduct Poll
  6. Educate Through Story
  7. Testimonial
  8. Glimpses about product
  9. Promote your Blog posts
  11. Before and after
  12. Live Videos

1. About Your Business

If you are new to instagram then this becomes your responsibility that you should introduce your business in the story section.

You should tell everything like who you are and what you deliver to your customers.

If your customers are new then it becomes their responsibility that they should know about your business clearly and this should be done in the correct way because first impression will be the last impression.

2. About Your Team

We all want to know how any company operates and who is responsible for this.


So for this we should show your team to your customer and tell them that these are the persons who deliver the product or services they want.

This will surely develop a trust factor inside them to buy things from you because people want to buy from people not from any business.

3. Behind the scene images and videos

People always love to see that how you do things. So for this you need to present some of the pictures and images of company operations from the story to the customers.

This makes a clear mindset in your customer that how your business is being operated.

But  keep in mind that you should present your behind the scene video and image in a correct format and quality to deliver a correct message to the customers as you want.

Additionally you should use behind the scene video rather than photos because videos are more engable than any photos.

4. Tell about your services

Instagram story will be a great place to provide detailed information about services you offered.

You can post a great graphic on the story section with a call to action to buy things from you with all that service or product details.

5. Conduct Polls

If your followers are not engaging with your story then polls must be a great feature to use for your business.

You can conduct regular polls on the story and this will provide a very explained answer to your question.

By conducting polls this also makes us clear what our customers think about our brands.

6. Educate through stories

Story is a great place to provide educational content for your followers such as tips and tricks and informational content indirectly related to your business.

For example, let’s assume that you have a bakery business, then you can talk about “How to preserve cakes at home?” or “What is a good time to eat cake?”

Just like this you can educate your targeted customers and indirectly this is also attached with your business.

7. Testimonials

If your customers leave reviews in any place or website then you can share these reviews in the story of the instagram.

For this you just need to take a screenshot or make beautiful graphics in the 9:16 format and simply share to instagram story.

By sharing testimonials in the story this build a trust factors in the mind of customers that “people are reviewing this business positively”

8. Glimpses About Products

If you are getting any new product then this is very obvious that you should inform your customers before actual release for building engagement.


You should give some glimpses of your product in the story section, this also creates a better engagement.

9. Promote Your Blog Post

Blogs are very much necessary for any business to rank higher on the web and if you are writing blog posts for any business then this is one of the big problems for you to get traffic.

You can use an instagram story to promote your blog post by “Read More” button.

If you share your blog post in the story section of Instagram then this will deliver instant traffic to your website and this is also a good way to convert customers.

You can do this in a regular manner not only with your newers blogs but also with older ones but only at the time of relevency.


People also like to see motivational and inspirational quotes in the morning from the account they follow.

So you can also share inspirational quotes in the morning in the story to drive engagement  from your customers.

You can use different online easy software to prepare quotes from the predefined template like canva, adobe spark etc.

11. Before and After

This type of story mainly works in makeup and gym business. If your business is one of these two then “Before and After is one of the most key type of post you can share on the instagram story.

People who are gym freak or make up addicted love to see that how person looks before and after the service.

12. Live Videos

If you have a good number of audience on your instagram account then you can be live whenever you are doing work.

You can also use live features to educate people without the headache of video shoot and edits.

Simply hit the live button and say whatever you want!

Live feature is very engaging and sends real time notification whenever you are live after this shows in the form of story only in instagram.

You should use live features not only in instagram but also in all other platform because every social media platform pushing live feature to be used by users.


Now I hope that you have got a clear idea about Insta Story Ideas For Business.

Apply these techniques and you will see results within some time but keep in your mind that the language, feel and look of all your story content should be relatable with each other.

Meet you in the next blog post till then goodbye.

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