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The Indian education system is a very big system where people from abroad and from India come to study.

In recent time the education system changed a lot and shows a great increment in the percentage of education.

Indian Education System Advantages Disadvantages
Indian Students

This is all possible by the Indian Government and people. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the Indian education system.

Before starting I just want to clarify that some of the Indians think that Indian education system is not so good and they have to go abroad for their further studies.

But they are not right because in India everything is present but the system is not good or you can say that corruption in the Indian education system due to political effect.

Indian Education System Advantages Disadvantages
Indian Political Aspect

This political effect in the Indian education system is killing real education providing to students.

So here we will give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the Indian education system.

Advantages of Indian Education System

1. Employment Increases

Indian Education System Advantages Disadvantages
Indian Employment

According to the Indian government, there are many programs and things were launched for increasing employment in India.

They succeed somewhere because from the past they are able to generate more possibilities for employment.

These employments can grab by new freshers, experienced or who is eligible.

There is a big thing launched in India after increasing the Indian education system that people are not even employed but they are also self-employed.

This is a very big step from the Indian government so that people are able to make money without any other reference or without any other company.

This is a very big and beautiful thing of India that people are getting aware of self-employment.

Reservation system in India there are many casts which are very backward and they are not even getting a chance like other people of the society.

The Indian government has launched a reservation system for them so that there are few places are reserved for a particular cast.

This system of reservation gives enlightenment and chance to the backward caste for living a better life.

Most of the time this system help backward people for getting jobs for studying in higher or better universities.

There are 7.5% for schedule tribe, 15% for schedule caste and 27% for other backward caste seats are being reserved in every government organization in India.

2. Top class universities and boards

Indian Education System Advantages Disadvantages
Top Boards and University Providing Education

If I will talk about higher education that is intermediate then there are two boards that are ICSE and CBSE board which are providing education rather than state boards.

We all know that the education quality of CBSE and ICSE board is so good that anyone can study to enhance their future.

Open Universities also here which are providing home facility means that you can study from home and give the only examination to qualify that particular class or course.

3. E-learning

E learning revolution of India
E learning revolution of India

A system is going advance in nature so that every school or college are started to launch their LMS that is learning management system for the student to study from anywhere by accessing the course and subject details from their mobile or laptop.

This makes education easy to learn from anywhere.

E-learning is a very great revolution for the Indian education system which plays a vital role in increasing the knowledge of the student.

Not only colleges are providing resources for study but there are many more websites on the internet from where students are getting their required amount of resources.

There are many tutorial websites like Byju, Topper, etc which are becoming very useful for students.

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Disadvantages of the Indian Education System

If the Indian system has advantages then this system has many disadvantages too.

Now we are going to familiar you with these disadvantages of the Indian education system.

Now I will talk with you about some of the bad aspects of the Indian education system which is like a nightmare for you if you are students of the Indian education system.

1.The gap between the Indian government and the common people

Common People of India
Common People of India

There are many political heads which form a great gap between the Indian government and the common people.

Some of them take money from the government but don’t utilize for the good of the common people.

Due to this students of India suffered a lot to gather high quality of education from any specific university.

This is the reason why Indian people are not interested to take admission in government colleges.

This is not because of money but due to the quality of education provided in that government institution.

We all know that the fees structure of government college or institute is very less than any private institute.

But the quality of education of private institute is very high than any government college.

That’s why students are seeking private institute rather than private institute

2.Social forward people taking advantages of the reservation system

Reservation System

As everybody knows that there is a reservation system for SC, ST, and OBC.

That why some people are in a society which takes advantage of this reservation system

They make a fake document of other caste and enroll in any job or institution by reservation seats.

This is happening in large amount in India and the government is not taking any good and effective step for controlling this.

They are not being able to control by the government due to corruption in the system.

3. The pattern of education is not up to the mark

pattern of education
Pattern of Education System

In India the education system is mainly focused on theoretical knowledge.

They just teach students then they told to learn them and then go for the exam.

This leads to lack of practical knowledge in student’s mind.

This make students ineligible to the industrial world or corporate world.

So practical knowledge is very necessary for any students to grow in the market.

According to me the percentage of practical knowledge must be increased for enhancing skills of students.

These are some important Indian Education System Advantages Disadvantages.

It may help you for knowing about Indian education system

Thank you for reading this blog.

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