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Social Media is a huge place with lots of opinions and garbage. Nowadays social media was growing very quickly because of the high demand for using the internet. So in this blog, we will tell about How to use social media to raise your voice

Social Media platforms having many features as you can use them for raising your voice in front of the whole world.

Nowadays in the digital world, people are using social media for many things like posting pictures or uploading videos. There are many social platforms where you can use them for raising your voice.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter

These are the most used social platforms for raising your voice & you can use these platforms in an effective manner to make your voice louder and clear in front of your lovely and educated audience which can understand the meaning of your spoken words.

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Features of Social Media Platforms

How to use social media to raise your voice

Let’s talk about their features and how to use social media to raise your voice


Facebook has quite lots of features but there are some features that are helpful for raising your voice.


This may be the most popular use of Facebook. You can use this feature for Uploading photos on Facebook


You can upload any video on Facebook which is useful for raising your voice through video.


This was the best feature where you interact with people on Live.


Instagram is an entirely visual platform. which relies on both text and pictures. Instagram’s purpose is to enable users to share images and videos with their audience.

Video Feature

You’re likely familiar with Instagram Video posts they’re like regular photo posts but they allow video for 60 sec.

Live Video

Live video is different than Instagram video because we interact with people in real-time.


This is an app within the app that gives uses to share videos that are up to an hour-long.


This was the biggest addition to Instagram as of the stories features is similar to Snapchat in that user add clips of videos to the story which is viewable for 24 hours.


Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ system that allows the user to send and receive short posts called tweets.


In this, you can tweet about someone or about anything and type his name to mention it. you can also add photos and videos to a tweet.


This is a video-sharing service where users can watch, like, share, and upload their own videos.

Youtube live

This is an easy way for creators to reach their community in real-time. Whether streaming an event, teaching, or hosting.

Youtube Videos

Youtube allows users to upload, videos on Youtube for more than 500hours.

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You can use these social media platforms for raising your social voice. I hope after reading this blog post you have got the answer to “How to use social media to raise your voice“.

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