How to Stay Away From Social Media | Benefits of Staying Off Social Media

Benefits of Staying Off Social Media – As we knowhow, social media has become part of our daily lives. Somehow, it also becomes an addiction of today’s youth, the average person spends at least around 2 hours regularly. They can’t even think of spending their day without using these social media sites.
Social media not only boon but it has become the curse as well. It will let you connect with your loved ones, share moments and keep you updated with what’s going on in the world and a lot more but it also leads you to anxiety, distraction, waste of time, depression and separation from the real world.
There are numerous Benefits of Staying Off Social Media addiction. Many of you are here looking one of them, So here we have shared some of the ways that will help you to Stay Away From Social Media.

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1. Disable Notifications of Social Media Apps

Getting notifications from social media site about commenting, posting liking sharing and texting on your phone’s notification bar might have developed an addiction and desire to check all these things but Instead of checking these all notifications you should change the notification setting on your phone and keep all the notifications off or mute of unnecessary social media sites as we spend a lot of our time and energy in checking the notifications.

This small step will lead you to avoid social media sites in little easiest way and help you to disconnect from these sites and reduce the time that you spent on it.

2. Rather than Checking Social Sites Use Calling

You have seen a lot of time that your addiction to social media has also developed because we used these all social sites to communicate with your family, friends and loved ones as opposed to calling them, instead of texting on social media sites, you should prefer calling to connect with your loved once.

You might have gotten trapped on the location awaiting their response and developed an addiction from that. However, attempt to have conversations with friends and family via phone instead of social media apps.

It will not only helps you to avoid the social site but also save you a lot of time that you were wasting in texting on social media. Calling is a good way to communicate with your family and friends.

3. Keep Physical Distance from Your Phone

When you need to ignore the habit of social media sites, then it is essential to make physical separation among you and your phone as we realized that in this day and age it is quite hard to avoid phones however in any event around evening time, we can make a physical separation with the gadgets.

On the off chance that you lay down with your cell phone close to your bed, at that point it is basic to change this propensity. Prior to dozing, remain away with your cell phones since this propensity grants you to get a decent rest and focus on care.

This will likewise assist you with zeroing in on contemplates on the grounds that web-based media makes an interruption on considers. So ensure that you make a physical separation with your cell phone.

4. Have Digital Detox

Digital detox is a quite popular trend among people. It is like having a vacation from all the devices or smartphones and social media. It is quite an interesting way to rejuvenate your body and mind by engaging yourself in activities like workout or meditation.

Leaving social media for a period of time will give you a perspective and it will be easier for you to moderate the social media usage later. At the starting, you may go through some difficulties but after that, It will become simple and easy to stay away from social media once you will start enjoying your digital detox time.

5. Focus More to Be Productive

Fill your social media time with new activities, reading books, hobbies, learning new languages or the things you like the most that are good for you. Take a note of all those things that you could give your time towards. It will curb your desire and addiction to use social media and will help to stay away from social media sites.

Try to do all those good things or activities that will help you to utilize your time not to waste on social media sites. It will help you focus more to be productive and improve yourselves to grow.

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6. Connect with Real-World Again

People who spend a large portion of their time on social media are facing anxiety, depression, lonely and isolated in the real world. Social media has separated us from the real world. Now it is the time to reconnect with reality. Try to stop taking pictures to every moment that you are enjoying.

You do not need to post everything on social media that you are doing or about to do. Spend more time with friends and family. focus more to do present in real-world instead of checking social media and improve yourselves and get rid of the social media sites.


Leaving social media not as easy as it sounds, you have to promise yourself along with following all those steps. Quitting social media sites not only help you to get Benefits of Staying Off Social Media but also helps you to stop obsessing and moving on with your real-world.

Try to ignore the unnecessary use of social media and use as per your requirements. This is an honest thanks to giving yourself space from your addiction without having to necessarily delete your accounts. Find more healthy activities to replace your social media addiction.

Once you will have more free time from social media, you will be better able to invest in other things. You can take a free course or listen to podcasts is absolutely a good way to spend your time.

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