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I think that If you are reading this blog then this is clear that you are planning for business but having no investment or say little investment for your business.

You are on the right place and here in this blog you will get total of 12 online business ideas for starting with zero investment in starting.

Nowadays, people think that we need a huge investment to start a business but the reality is you need a huge mindset to start a business not a lot of money, money is an element of business, not only an element of business.

Here in this we are defining all method which need approx zero investment to start business.

Lets Begin

List of online business ideas which will tell you How to start your online business with no money

1. Blogger

You can start your own blog and make money out of it by putting Google ads or product on sale.

Blogging is one of the most demanded career and profitable career right now to peruse and require approximately no investment in starting, just need your dedication toward this field.

2. Affiliate Marketer

Nowadays if someone saying that are you earning from affiliate marketing then this is not a new thing because people are earning with this method and that amount is good enough to beat the number of any MNC salary.

Affiliate marketing is way to sell other products on your websites and earn commission with that.

You can make your blog or website and put product from Amazon or Clickbank and someone buy form the link placed in your blog then you will get paid commission with that.

3. Social Media Influencer

You saw different people around you who make different video and post photos on the social media platform.


Why they do it?

They do get more popularity in a specific field and then after they will offer some product or service to their followers and generate profit from that.

This is a simple process of becoming a social media influencer. So you can also be a social media influencer if you love to educate people on your field by using social media.

4. Social Media Manager

Let’s assume that you do want to make video and click photos of your own but want to earn from social media.

Here a another option for you to put your efforts in this field that you can start managing social media for other business or people and charge a regular monthly fees from them.

Many businesses try to outsource social media managing to some expert who manage and post regularly with the time to get more accurate and measurable result.

5. Podcaster

In 2021, some experts says that podcasting will be going to next level marketing strategy for any business in digital world.

So you can be a good podcaster to achieve a bright future in it because people from different parts of the world are earning from it by making regular podcasts on a specific niche.

There are many free platform like anchor to publish your podcasts show on the web and monetize them if user loves them.

6. Online Business consultant

Many businesses around us are not having a correct knowledge and vision to run business.

For this, you can enhance your knowledge in the business field and be a good online business consultant to help different businesses around to grow better.

If you do it in online way then this will be more profitable rather than organizing a offline event.

7. Graphic Designer

If you are interested in art field then you can opt for graphic designing as your part time career to earn online.

There are many business opportunity available on different website like fiverr, freelancer to take project to earn a good amount.

8. Web Designer

If you have done your study in the field of IT or CS then this field does not require more investment in starting to start your business.

You can design website if you don’t have much investment to start your business.

9. Online Personal Tutor

People around a different part of the world are taking interest in personal online tuition for their child and they are ready to pay a good amount for tuition.

Becoming a online part time or full time tutor can bring you a good business for you without any investment in starting.

10. Online Proofreader

There are many online websites are present which have many projects in which they want people to check the correctness of those written form of content and for this, they also pay you with the time. You just need your knowledge and not any money to start this business.

11. Online Event Promoter

As we all know that events are a over life’s part because we are social animals and need events for socializing with people.

So you can be an online event promoter if you don’t have money to start a big business and you can start this business with little or no cost investments.

12. Video Content Creator

This field is well known by each and every person in this internet world even most of them seen the power of video content.

That’s the reason that video creator is also in our list for a business which doesn’t need any money to start.

You can start creating any video by any camera device you have then when you start growing on a different platform then you can upgrade to different setups. But trust me this is one of the most profitable business right now in this industry.


I hope that you got a idea that which thing you need to start as a business if you don’t have any money or only having a few chunks to start.

I will say that if you are thinking that these business doesn’t need any investment then remember the meaning of business is invest money to earn money, so in this manner, these also require very nominal requirement to start and these requirements need some money in starting.

So choose business wisely according to your recourses.

Best of luck for your future.

If you have any doubt related to digital marketing or online business then you can comment below and will surely answer you in detail.

Thank you for reading this blog.

Meet you in next blog.


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