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As we all knew this is 2021 and people are making your way toward internet with an exponentially fast speed.


You saw that people around you are making their career with internet blogging and earning a decent amount by invest some small chunks in starting.

Blogging is not a quickly getting rich scheme but this is somewhere a long-term business that will give you results after a lot of time when you will run in a proper manner.

So today in this we will discuss different methods To Monetise A Blog With Ads to earn money and making this a full-time career option for you.

Let’s begin!

Is it possible to make money by advertising on a blog?

How To Monetise A Blog With Ads

Yes sure, this is one of the mainstream earning sources for many bloggers and they are earning a good amount by only placing ads on their websites and blogs.

There are many ads providing websites like google Adsense which will provide ads for your website after registering with them. For this, you need a completely functional website having a good amount of traffic according to your niche.

Why it is necessary to monetize your blog with ads?

How To Monetise A Blog With Ads

As we know that in this business world nothing is done without expecting any profit from that.


If you are taking blogging from a business perspective which you should take then monetization is a key goal for any blog or website which will give you a return for yours.

So this becomes necessary for blog owners that blog has ads to make decent chunks from that to grow and make blogging and online empire bigger.

How much anyone can earn by blogging?

How To Monetise A Blog With Ads

This all depend upon how much page views you are getting in your website or blog.

Larger number of page views decides more number in your earning.

If we casually talk then you can earn $100 per month to $10,000 per month from only one blog.

You can go beyond this limit if you will add more ways to monetize your blog like affiliate marketing. But keep in your mind that this is not an overnight process but this is like a business and here quality is more important than quantity.

This will take time to grow organically which will surely give you benefits in the coming time not immediately after starting your blog.

But if we think once, then this can also happen immediately, for this you should know digital marketing in a good manner in which you should know how to operate Google ads and Facebook ads for your website.

What types of blogs make the most money?

How To Monetise A Blog With Ads

Starting a blog is very fascinating but beginners don’t know that in which niche they should start a blog to make more profit compared to other blogs.

There are list of most profitable blog niche from which you can choose to earn better profit –

  1. Finance Blog
  2. Fashion Blog
  3. Travel Blog
  4. Marketing Blog
  5. Health and Fitness Blog
  6. Mom Blog
  7. Food Blog
  8. Lifestyle Blog
  9. DIY Blog

These blog niches will help you to earn more but keep in your mind at the time of choosing wisely according to your expertise to provide quality content rather than quality content.

How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money?

How To Monetise A Blog With Ads

There are lot of methods available on the market by which beginner can start earning.

But think a while and answer me “Are you only coming in blogging field to earn money?”

If Yes!

Then you will not able to grow because this field requires patience and helping nature.

If you will in market then only you will get paid.

So first try to help other with your content then think about money.

By the way, I will answer your question regarding “How Beginner can earn money?” they are as follows –

  1. Google Adsense Ads And Their Alternatives (Most Popular)
  2. Affiliate Marketing (Important)
  3. Sell Your Own Course
  4. Sell Photos
  5. Sell E-Books
  6. Sell Resources

Who is the highest paid blogger?

There we are listing top 10 highest paid blog in the world –

  • HuffPost: $500 million per year
  • Engadget: $47.5 million per year
  • Moz: $44.9 million per year
  • PerezHilton: $41.3 million per year
  • Copyblogger: $33.1 million per year
  • Mashable: $30 million per year
  • TechCrunch: $22.5 million per year
  • Envato Tuts+: $10 million per year
  • Smashing Magazine: $5.2 million per year
  • Gizmodo: $4.8 million per year

Different ways to monetize your blog and make money by ads

There are many methods present to monetize your blog like Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate, Infolinks ads, Flipkart affiliate, and the list will go on.

You can also sell your own product by your blog like E-Books, courses or any other digital goods.

Complete Process which will tell you to monetize a blog with ads

As we have already told that there are many platform which provide ads to place in your blog to monetize it.


So now we are going to tell you that what steps you should follow to sign up with Google Adsense or other ads providing website –

1. You just need a simple complete website in which there is good traffic and content of website is loved by your audiences.

2. Then go to Google adsense and sign up with all details required.

3. After getting approval from Google team you will be eligible to place ads on your website

4. For getting approval you need minimum 20 page website or 20 long article published on the website.

5. You can place different types of ads on your website by choosing from the option available in the dashboard of AdSense.

Note – Always take care that never do any spammy activity like invalid click, this can result in the suspension of your account that may be permanent or partial.


This is all I want to tell you that how to monetize your blog with different types of ads.

Please follow all instructions and tips and if you have any doubt related to this topic then feel free to comment below I will surely answer you with minimum time.

Thank You!

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    Blogging is not a quickly getting rich scheme but this is somewhere a long-term business that will give you results.
    This is one of the mainstream earning sources for many bloggers and they are earning a good amount by only placing ads on their websites and blogs.
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