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Do you ever think that why a low bounce rate is very important for any website growth and How To Decrease Bounce Rate?

We know that you may know and you may not!

we are going to tell you complete detail about bounce rate and why it should be low.

Let’s start.

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a measurement of your new user who comes to your website and how many of them leave your website without going to any other page of the website

This is known as bounce rate and a high bounce rate always hurt a lot for any business.

How To Decrease Bounce Rate of Any Website?

Yes, this is necessary to decrease bounce rate of your website because this will increase your business with the time.

Lets discuss about that what is a good bounce rate for any website then follow given data to measure status of your website bounce rate.

  • 80%+ is very bad
  • 70 – 80% is poor
  • 50 – 70% is average
  • 30 – 50% is excellent


So you can reference the above data from the sources for a better understanding of the bounce rate of different types of websites.

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There are following method by using which you can decrease bounce rate of your website –

1. Overall User Experience Should Be Great

User overall experience in a website is very much important for any website growth.

If a user comes to your website and feels easy to navigate throughout the website.

This factor is one of the most important factors which can lower down your bounce rate of the website.

2. Proper Call of Action Placement

Most of the websites do not have a proper call to action like to navigate to other pages or subscribing to your website, so user not able to decide what to do on that website and they left after engaging to the website.

Make a proper call to action in your website which result How To Decreasing Bounce Rate.

3. Improve Your Website Speed

Let assume that if someone came to your website and the website is not loading fast then it becomes a very hectic process that to retain those important users to the website.

If a website doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds then there is very much possible that the user will bounce back because the user will try other option to check.

But How?

You have to check the page-load of your website in websites Gtmatrix and if this is high then contact your developer to make it correct.

If you are developers then there are many plugins available that can be used improving the speed of the website.

4. A/B Testing + Targeted Landing Pages

If you are not sure about your structure of the page that will work and which will not then create two landing pages for the same product and check which one is working more effective this can be termed as A/B testing.

This can be opt to understand user behavior throughout website.

5. Embed Videos To Engage Your Audience

Video are always a best option to engage user and make website more interactive because video are more converting and engaging.

You can use website in background of website and also in blog section more making your message clear.

In 2021, Short videos are more engaging than any full video because user retention for any video came to 8 sec that’s why shorts are more popular than any other type of videos.

“Make it short and make it clear”

6. Use High-Quality Images

You can use high-quality images on different section for your website because high-quality image makes the user experience more pleasing and result decrease low bounce rate on your website.

You can check free high-quality images on the following websites like Unsplash, Freepik, Pexels etc for your website or you go for a premium one if your budget allows purchasing.

7. Plan An Effective Content Strategy

You should have a consistent and effective content strategy that what you want to put on the website that may be a video, text, audio or anything else but having a pre-planned to make it happen when required with the time.

8. Site Should Be Readable

What does it mean to be readable?

This means that your site has proper and consistent typography and colour combination with all block present on the blog section or website pages which can easily read by anyone without making more efforts.

9. Show Your Credibility In Website And Social Media

We all know that audience became more educated and smart these days in comparison to previous days.

They check the credibility of your website before trusting in you, they go deeper to your other pages and your social media platforms and read and look over each and everything you have posted there.

So always put anything on your social media then keep in your mind that this will surely influence your customer to buy from you.

10. Target Abandoning Users

Put a form (Pop Up For) when any user wants to leave the website page, this can make it more possible for the user to be a regular subscriber for your website content.


Follow these above techniques to decrease bounce rate of website with a planned and strategic way.

If you have any doubt about this topic then please let me know in the comment section, we will surely get back to you and clear your doubt completely in a detailed manner.

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