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Some days ago a question arises in my mind that how to find my own passion about anything that’s why I am searching answer of this question in many platforms like YouTube, Google, Quora and many more.

So after having a lot of research on this topic, I am able to describe the answer to this question in such a manner that you can understand perfectly.

The main platform where I have searched the answer to this question is

In I put the same question as my blog title is and many people replied on this question.

Here are some screenshots of answers given by qualified

There are two types of answers which were categorised from the data are-

1. Steps to find your passion

2. You have to cultivate your passion.

So these are the above two categorisations of answers from the data.

Some people have told that you can find your passion but it will take a small amount of time whereas some people told that passion is like a field you have to cultivate on it.

So first I want to come over the topic that how to find your passion.

In simple manner to find your passion then you have to check that what work you want to do even if you have a fever or have an accident and I bet that work will be your passion because you want to do that work even not well.

Where some people who told that we have to cultivate our passion then I want to add some points in their words.

If you do not know what is your passion or you are in very small age then at this moment you just have to learn things you love most without thinking more about it.

After some time you will definitely check what passionate about and what you love to do.

I do not have more detailed information about this topic but I put my words on the given question for helping you out for finding the answer.

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So meet you in next blog till then goodbye.

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