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There are many Google My Business Ranking Factor because if you own any Google my business listing and managing by your end then you saw many things to optimize.

As you optimize all these elements, your map listing will have greater visibility on the search results

This will lead you more local customers and result more business.

What Is Google My Business Listing?

Lets assume that someone try to reach to your business offline and searching your location on the internet then how they will reach to you?

Exactly they need a Google map location of your business and this location of your already setup business is known as Google My Business Listing.

You should have proper knowledge to list your Google my business listing or to claim already Google Map Listing.

What Does It Mean That Already Listed Google My business listing?

This means that listing any business on Google map is volunteer program in which anyone who are contributor in Google map can list any business near you.

So if your business already listed on the map then its time to claim that business.

But be careful because this also requires a verification in starting, verification can be offline by postcard or online by otp. 

How To Get Business From Google Map?

Google have updated a pigeon algorithm in which Google clearly stat that if someone search any city or place specific result then result will vary according to distance of person from the business.

So if someone searched that “Best Bakery Shop In Lucknow” then results will show from Lucknow and map listing also be on the top preference.

If you want business from local area that may be your city or specific area of city then you should focus on SEO of your Google Map Listing.

More people will see your map listing and more people will click on it to drive to your business and which will result more business.

Why It Is Important To Rank Higher On Google Map?

Google My Business Ranking Factor – Pigeon Algorithm already plays a vital role in ranking different local result on the web that may be Google Map Listing or may be websites who are optimized to rank locally.

People are started searching on the web about the business near them to contact them before visiting physically so it becomes important to rank higher on the web with your Google Map Listing or With Your Website.

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How To Make Google Business Listing On Google Maps?

If you do not have any Google my business listing on the internet then it’s necessary for you business to make one for you otherwise you will be lose the race from your competitors.

We can tell you complete process of creating Google Map Listing in the text format but that will not be more efficient to understand.

So we are attaching a video which will surely help you to create Google map listing for your business.

How To Rank Higher On Google Map With Your Google My Business Listing?

There are lot of organic method which use can use to rank your Google map listing higher on the web.

We have listed down total of 10 factor on which ranking of any map listing depends –

1. List Your Business On Google Maps
2. Claim Your Pre-Existing Listing
3. Add All Required Information on Business Listing
4. Always Be Consistent With NAP
5. Add Some Images/Photos of Your Business
6. Get Reviews From Your Customers
7. Remove Duplicate Business Listing
8. Post Photos, Videos And Offers Regularly
9. Always Check Stats And User Behavior
10. Make A Website And Put It On Google My Business

1. List Your Business On Google Maps

This will be your first step for ranking well on the google map listing.


We are joking!

But jokes a part, you should have a listing otherwise how you will perform rest of method to rank well on the internet.

Go and start preparing listing or if your business already on the map then go and claim that listing.

Here we have embedding video which will describe a complete method create map listing.

Create A New Google Map Listing (Video)

2. Claim Your Pre-Existing Listing

If your business listing already existing on the web then this time claim that listing if someone already not claimed.

We are embedding a video below which will make you understand completely that how to claim Google my business listing in a correct way.

Claim Existing Google Map Listing (Video)

3. Add All Required Information on Business Listing

Once you create or claim your business listing then this need some more efforts to do to fully optimize listing to rank well on the Google map or search engine.

You shoulf fill following field with correct and relevant information about your business to rank higher on the web.

  • Name
  • Category
  • Address
  • Service area (if applicable)
  • Hours
  • Special hours
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Products
  • Services
  • Attributes
  • Description

Note- You details must be correct and authentic because Google AI always check your listing that is all details are authentic or only for SEO purpose.

If you will fill genuine information then trust us, your listing will start ranking very soon.

4. Always Be Consistent With NAP

Google trust businesses that have correct and same citation throughout the web because if your business name is “Jumba Gym Classes” then this is different from “J G Classes” in the eye of Google.

So use same name, address and phone number of your business throughout the web to enhance ranking of Google business listing.

5. Add Some Images/Photos of Your Business

Everyone want to see different photos of product and business before visiting store physically.

If you want that your targeted customers see images of your business then try to put some high-quality images of your business and your products in your Google map listing according to the following categories –

1. Interior
2. Exterior
3. Product

6. Get Reviews From Your Customers

Google loves things that customers love means if your map listing has positive reviews then your listing already rank well on the web without doing additional changes.

How you will get reviews from your regular customers?

For this, you should ask regularly to left review on your Google My Business Listing by sending them customized review link generated from your Google my business dashboard.

As you are getting a review then it’s your responsibility that you should regularly reply with effective words and you can use your targeted keyword on reply, this was suggested by Google my business customer care executive.

7. Remove Duplicate Business Listing

If you are observing that there are more duplicate business listing with the same name of your business then please try to remove duplicate map listing by reporting them or contact the owner of that listing.

If you will not do this then this will effect ranking your original business listing and can loss business for you.

8. Post Photos, Videos And Offers Regularly

Google loves fresh content rather than the old one and this factor can be a key factor to rank well on the web because if your business listing has current images and posts then the user will interact more.

Then Google assumes that this listing has a more genuine and authentic business, which will result in improving the ranking of your business on different targeted keywords.

9. Always Check Stats And User Behavior

For proper understanding behavior of user and your customer, you have to monitor statistic of Google map listing regularly like how many of them using direction, how many of them tried to call you and how many visited your website and many more.

This will tell you that how your users are interacting to your business listing and where you have to improve to have a better performance. 

10. Make A Website And Put It On Google My Business

If you don’t have a website for your business then you should make one by investing small bugs.

Put all details of your business like business USPs, contact details, product details, business videos, blogs related to your business, about business, lead generation form etc.

Your website will help you to generate mature and long lasting leads for your business.

If you do not want to invest in your website then you can use the free website creation tool provided by Google my business which will make a one-page website with all the respective details of your business.


We hope that you have got all the required information related to Google map listing and Google My Business Ranking Factor.

We assure you that if you follow all these methods in a regular and consistent way then this will surely give you great results for your map listing and indirectly to your business also.

If you have any doubt then hit the comment section with your words, we will appreciate each and every comment and give you a correct and detailed answer to each comment.

Thank You for reading this blog, meet you in next blog till then Bye

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