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In this blog you are going to know the exact difference between SGPA and CGPA in AKTU study pattern .

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So Lets go;

There are two types of GPA calculations – Cumulative, Sessional.

  • Cumulative GPA (CGPA) takes into account all passed and failed courses that you have taken in engineering through out eight semesters.
  • Sessional GPA (SGPA) is based on all passed and failed courses completed in a single session i.e each semester. Sessional GPA is calculated at two times during the academic year as a year comprises of two semesters.

Let me come to SGPA with Example;

So, lets say there are 4 subjects this semester, and you scored 8,9,7,9 in those 4 subjects. So the SGPA will be the average of those 4 grades which is equal to 8.25

Now, CGPA ;

This is basically the average of SGPAs in a linear scale if there are no weighted rules in your university.If after 4 semesters you score SGPAs of 8,9,8,9 then CGPA will be 34/4= 8.5

This is all small difference between CGPA and SGPA of AKTU.

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