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In today’s world, we perceive things without putting our focus on that thing in our subconscious mind. Yes, whenever you see something then you think that you saw this thing somewhere but not remembering, this is the only thing that you perceived from your subconscious mind in your past.

After researching different aspects we come to the conclusion that the role of color is very important in making a space of thought in anyone’s mind for a variable duration of time and this can vary with the different colors you are going to use in your marketing campaign.

If you will go to the internet then there will be big theories present regarding these colors with different purposes and effectiveness. Here in this blog, we have presented a few main important colors from which you can understand the psychology of color for your marketing campaign but if you want to go into more detail then try to read a dedicated book on this topic, you can refer these following books which are easily available on the amazon.

Reference Book on Color Psychology –

These are a few color code and their effect on our minds and indirectly on our marketing efforts also –

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