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Types of courses in colleges

As you know that you may be recently intermediate or graduate pass out and seeking for different Types of Courses in colleges. So in this blog, you are going to get a well relevant categorization about different types of courses available in colleges. This will really help you choose the right course for your right … Read more

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Education in India Statistics

There was a survey conducted in the year 2014 which result in the following Education in India Statistics. A survey on ‘Social Consumption: Education’ was conducted in NSS 71st round (January-June 2014). A sample of 36479 rural households from 4577 villages and 29447 urban households from 3720 blocks were surveyed all over India. I. Household … Read more

Indian Education System Advantages Disadvantages | Digital TK

Indian education system advantages disadvantages

The Indian education system is a very big system where people from abroad and from India come to study. In recent time the education system changed a lot and shows a great increment in the percentage of education. This is all possible by the Indian Government and people. There are many advantages and disadvantages of … Read more

How can I find my passion? |Career Counselling | Digital TK


Some days ago a question arises in my mind that how to find my own passion about anything that’s why I am searching answer of this question in many platforms like YouTube, Google, Quora and many more. So after having a lot of research on this topic, I am able to describe the answer to … Read more

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Digital marketing books

If you are a digital marketing student and you are searching for digital marketing books which can provide you better knowledge about digital marketing. But now in your mind question arises that how should I select a perfect marketing book for enhancing my knowledge in this field. So today I am writing this blog after … Read more