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Indian education system advantages disadvantages

The Indian education system is a very big system where people from abroad and from India come to study. In recent time the education system changed a lot and shows a great increment in the percentage of education. This is all possible by the Indian Government and people. There are many advantages and disadvantages of … Read more

9 Drastic Problems With Indian Education System

As I am also a student of the Indian education system so I am also suffering the same problem as you are suffering. So let’s get started to the blog post where I will tell you that what is the real problems with Indian education system which leads many kinds of problems in student life. … Read more

How can I find my passion? |Career Counselling | Digital TK


Some days ago a question arises in my mind that how to find my own passion about anything that’s why I am searching answer of this question in many platforms like YouTube, Google, Quora and many more. So after having a lot of research on this topic, I am able to describe the answer to … Read more

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Digital marketing books

If you are a digital marketing student and you are searching for digital marketing books which can provide you better knowledge about digital marketing. But now in your mind question arises that how should I select a perfect marketing book for enhancing my knowledge in this field. So today I am writing this blog after … Read more

Top Courses After Class 12th | Career | Duration | Salary | Digital TK

Courses After Class 12th

I think that you have just completed your class 12th that’s why you are here to check out courses after 12th. I want to remind you that there are many fields you can choose your intermediate rather than only choosing Engineering and Medical. I know your relatives and your parents are forcing to you do … Read more

Why career counseling is important?

Why Career Counselling is important

This is the very important question for all those students who are recently pass out from their class 12 or graduation. So in this blog, you got to know why career counseling in important for having a better future. What is Career Counselling? Career counseling is a method by which you can know yourself and … Read more

Career Test Free | Online Career Test Websites in 2019


If you are searching for websites for your career test free then in this blog you are going to get a list of websites who provide career test free of cost which can help you to choose a career in future. What is a career test? This is a type of test by which you … Read more

Difference Between SGPA and CGPA in AKTU | Digital TK


In this blog you are going to know the exact difference between SGPA and CGPA in AKTU study pattern . I have made one video on this question for convenience.If you want to watch then you can watch our video for better understand that what is difference between SGPA and CGPA. So Lets go; There … Read more