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Which are the Best Social Media Apps Made In India? You can acknowledge them in a better manner in this article! 


There possesses a diversified range of social networking sites. All of them have different kinds of uses. This article can designate many features for social media. You can tackle all of them as mentioned here side.

Nowadays, social media seems much essential for people. It can help them to stay updated for their lives. Social media apps seem to most loving internet surfers.

Are you locating for top social media applications in India? If yes, then you can tackle the following article. 

Top Social Media Made In India 

This article mentions top social media apps. You can check the presence of that application on your device. It seems as follows: 


Following studies, many Indian people used the TikTok app. But it seems to ban soon. Therefore chingari app seem to develop as it rivals it. It doesn’t gain much popularity earlier. But soon after PM Modi’s decision, it gained a significant place.

After this, many people started to gratify their TikTok feelings with Chingari. This morning one can make observance of almost millions of users of it. You can directly download it from the Google play store. Chingari secured the Best Social Media Apps Made In India. 

Hike MessengerAn Indian Made Social Media App

India’s most powerful social media apps seem as Hike messenger. It can cross all limits for the benefits of the user experience. The HikeHike was launched in 2012.

After two years, it had reached up to 2 million users. Hike tackles with many better updates regularly. Therefore one can prefer to access more loading of features.

It followed the chatting with stickers in 2015. People fascinated by it gave many positive reviews for it. Following the survey, almost 30% of people seem attracted to stickers here.

There also possesses hike news application. It can allow the user to know all the latest updates around the world. The HikeHike comes in eight different Indian languages. Hide chat seems like the best feature of HikeHike. Also, one can easily use the application. You can also admire sharing photos, video calls, voice calls, and more from it.  

Ludo King A Made In India Social Media App

Ludo king seems one of the successful applications made in India. Ludo king seems much popular game among people. It appears as the favorite game of all people during the lockdown.

Therefore you can select it in a better manner in this article. Users can indeed tend to spend some of their time with their families. Hence, all people can tackle it in an enhanced way. Ludo King seems accessible for android as well as apple devices. Therefore one can undoubtedly choose to download it.

This morning there possesses almost millions of users of it. Have you tried Ludo King with your family? It also allows you to chat while playing the game. 

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There possess many people who cannot pass their time sitting at home. Hence, many of them decide to focus on health. It can allow one to stay safer from the situation of coronavirus. Therefore you can prefer to access the StepsetGo.

It has gained much popularity among people within no time. You can locate this app on the Google play store. Already millions of users seem to use this application.

This application can allow one to observe all health benefits. It includes step counting, runs, and more. StepSetGo certainly motivates the user to stick to their decisions. Also, one can set reminders and more for exercise timings. You can download it and make challenges with your friends to use it.  

This App must be consider as a Best Social Media Apps Made In India


KOO seems similar application to Twitter. One can emphasize here side post opinions publicly. Users can assemble with limits of around 400 words. They can upload it publicly in the form of text for people.

One can also use any symbol to make the text attractive. KOO can make one allowance to tackle six different Indian languages. Therefore one should enhance upon all features of KOO. 

It seems much-interested application made in India. It can allow one to access photos, chats and more. It would help if you tried to download KOO and test it. 


Tooter app seems made in India for people. It works similarly to Twitter. It gained much fame in November. One can tackle many updates about the minister and government.

Therefore you can select to make your account here side. After this, one can make comments, follow and communicate with them. Tooter can furnish in devices following the Mastodon project. One can admire its working similar to the original microblogging platform for people.

The post made here side certainly follows a timeline. Hence, one can tend to comment on their opinion publicly. Also, it follows the reposting of tools and more. 


Mitrasetu more minor application as compared to all others. It possesses a Facebook-like interface. You can recognize it as micro-blogging sites. Mitrasetu can allow one to follow people. Also, one can post their reviews.

Following the app, one can like, comment, post and more for the platform. Therefore you can tackle the working of the application in a relatively more straightforward manner. It can allow one to select as one of the Best Social Media Apps Made In India. 


Chittr can help one to access better technology for people. One can safely download it from the Google play store. It seems preferably you to choose the website access. Chittr works similarly to Twitter.

The development for chittr explains website for people. It can help one to create better technology on top. Therefore one can maintain results for people. Consequently, one can access cross-platform messages. It can work follow seamlessly across IM.  

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It seems to work similarly to Chiangrai. Here side one can observe short videos and also share them. There possesses a wide range of language users. One can admire it from Google Play stores. One can also post out their videos on Sharechat. 


There possess many different kinds of Best Social Media Apps Made In India. Therefore you can choose to install any of it on your device. It seems to develop based on the Mastodon project. It can access similar technology as followed by people. All Indian citizen seems proud to use such great apps made in the country. 

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