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Best Passive Income Website In 2021, people are very aware of the different ways by which they can earn passively without losing their regular job.

Earning passive is not everyone cup of cake because this requires a lot of time and efforts in starting to give results/

But it is better to have a small backup to run this startup in the initial stage until this doesn’t start giving result.

Passive income is one of the long term choices which requires small chunks of time and money in the short term which will result good after a long time and you will start earning effortlessly.

So, today in this blog we are going to discuss different websites from where anyone can earn a descent passively.

1. Youtube
2. Facebook
3. Quora
4. Short Video Apps

1. Youtube

Yes, can be Best Passive Income Website or platform from where you can earn passively after building your audience in starting.

Best Passive Income Website In 2021

Why I am saying that this is a best platform?

This is because the stats suggest that after 2020 the video format will boom rapidly and now this is 2021 and result are on the peek.

If you are good at speaking and want to make a video then produce a quality video that will drive information to the audience and put them on after preparing a channel with a small effort.

All set!

You are ready to boom but keep in your mind after hiking in the use of the video platform YouTube also have a lot of competition and not easy to grow there.

Make an audience based without thinking of monetization in starting because if you have an audience base then that can be used for a different purpose later.

Decide “Is good to have a video YouTube channel for your personal use or business then only you have to create a channel”.

2. Facebook

Best Passive Income Website

As like YouTube, Facebook can be also considered a good website to earn passively but this support two types of content video-based content and article (text-based content)

You can opt for a Facebook page and create high quality content revolving around a specific niche.

After collecting an amount of audience you can be a social media influencer around a niche or go for affiliate marketing with those audiences.

3. Quora

Best Passive Income Website

If you are good at writing then Quora is one of platform only for you.

Quora has already launched a partner program and going to considered as Best Passive Income Website in upcoming days and you can inbuilt Quora ads on your question and answers.

As views and upvotes of your answers increases then an impression of ads also increases on your content which will result in better monetary outcome from those viral answers.

You can opt for if you are passionate about writing and want to earn a passive income with a little efforts.

4. Short Video Apps

As we all know that short video apps are running very effectively and different people around us are also earning from this.

But question arises that “Can we earn passively from these short form of videos or not?

If I will say that this is not possible earn passively then I think you will not believe.

But this can be possible if someone have small free time with their regular job to make short video regularly.

Algorithms of short video app only adapt trending, new and fresh content and if we think that we will make a video once and this will go for a long time then you are purely wrong.

If you want to earn passively and opting for short video apps then keep in your mind that you have to give a small time on a daily basis regularly.


In conclusion, I just want to say that passive income from a correct way also hard work in starting and requires regular interaction with these websites.

You can use these websites for earning passively but always keep in your mind that these websites are not your property and they can take any action with your online assets.

In this situation, you should try to opt for some offline opportunities for earning passively like stocks, banks, lending etc. Thank You for reading this blog we will meet you in the next blog till then bye.

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